Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some Blogger Problems

Good morning, hope all is well with you. I don't know if anyone else is having problems, but I sure am. I changed the look of my blog, and lost a couple of list along the way-no problem just put them back up. WELL, I would if I could. Every time I try to add a blog list I get one on there and can't put any more!!!! GRRRR! I promise I'll get them back up there ASAP. So sorry for the inconvenience.


Anonymous said...

Don't you HATE it when that happens?!! I've done the same thing...luckily my reader saves some of things that I've lost!! :) Your blog is so pretty by the way!! HUGS

margie c said...

No worries, I had posting issues all morning! Such a headache! Blogger is working on a lot of different issues right now ;)

Hope things work out soon :*)
~ margie

Leigh Ann Baird said...

I've been working on my blog too and putting everything back on is such a pain!