Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sabrina's Journal

Ok, so now of course Sabrina wants one for school too. We've already made her one, but she needed a new one for this year. Sabrina is a very picky little girl-not so little she just turned 12-she LOVES polka dots, and sparkles. She also requested a fairy. I used the "flower fairy" from CTMH, and again lots of glitter glue. I also made my own polka dotted paper, since I couldn't find the right paper that I wanted. I used the Geometric Dots Stamp set from Carolee's Creations. It turned out really nice. I hope you like these and thanks for looking.

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Dru said...

O.K. daughter - you have now shamed me into finally posting on my blog since I started my blog before you and still have not posted - looks great. Good Job!! Love you, Mom