Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ashlee's Journal

So, of course now Ashlee has to have a journal. I asked her why she needed one since she isn't in regular school. She is being home-schooled this year. But she of course said she "needed" one for her school. She does actually use it. She goes to schol on Friday's to do her electives, sho she takes notes in it. She loves skulls and crossbones, which of course I have no stamps like that. When we went to the scrapbooking expo last year I saw this little set, the heart was pink(too girly for her) so she colored it silver. I wrote and outlined with Glitter Glue-which I absolutely love. I don't know what I ever did w/o it before. So now Ashlee has her own, and has already had me make one for her friend's birthday. Her friend LOVED her's too.

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Michelle said...

Ashlee did a great job!!