Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sabrina's Journal

Ok, so now of course Sabrina wants one for school too. We've already made her one, but she needed a new one for this year. Sabrina is a very picky little girl-not so little she just turned 12-she LOVES polka dots, and sparkles. She also requested a fairy. I used the "flower fairy" from CTMH, and again lots of glitter glue. I also made my own polka dotted paper, since I couldn't find the right paper that I wanted. I used the Geometric Dots Stamp set from Carolee's Creations. It turned out really nice. I hope you like these and thanks for looking.

Ashlee's Journal

So, of course now Ashlee has to have a journal. I asked her why she needed one since she isn't in regular school. She is being home-schooled this year. But she of course said she "needed" one for her school. She does actually use it. She goes to schol on Friday's to do her electives, sho she takes notes in it. She loves skulls and crossbones, which of course I have no stamps like that. When we went to the scrapbooking expo last year I saw this little set, the heart was pink(too girly for her) so she colored it silver. I wrote and outlined with Glitter Glue-which I absolutely love. I don't know what I ever did w/o it before. So now Ashlee has her own, and has already had me make one for her friend's birthday. Her friend LOVED her's too.

Chelsea's Journal

My daughter asked me to make her a journal. I've been making these for a couple of years, but never made her one. So she was feeling left out, and decided I needed to make her one for school. So here it is. She asked for a night scene. I wasn't sure what I was going to do, since this is a fairly large area for a night scene. I used the moon from the "Sun and Moon" set from CTMH. I had the bright idea to hang the moon, so I cut out a frame from silver cardstock, and hung the moon from fishing line. My bright idea turned out to be kinda difficult. The line kept slipping around, I thought I was going to pull my hair out. Of course it didn't help that I was trying to finish this up the night before school. Anyway, I finally finished it, and she LOVES it. Now her friends are asking for one. But these are really fun to make and fun to give as gifts.